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Customer financing is typically a process that allows individuals to pay monthly when purchasing expensive products such as home appliances. A few different companies and brands offer quality consumer financing, but there are certain positives and negatives to each of them.

We’ll explore some of the positive benefits of customer financing, but it’s important to discuss the different types of customer financing that businesses typically use. Many companies offer interest-free payment plans if customers pay for their purchases within a certain period of time. These time frames typically range from six months to eighteen months. The exact terms of the financing agreement may vary based on your specific credit history.

The benefits of customer financing

There are several benefits you can derive from using a quality customer financing program. Several finance companies offer exceptional terms, but not all offer the same benefits.

There are benefits for customers and businesses who choose to use financing services. Funding allows individuals to pay monthly instead of massive upfront costs. As you can probably imagine, most people don’t have a lot of money to spend at once. By enabling monthly payments, a larger number of customers can afford these expensive products. This is great for customers looking to make a purchase based on a payment plan, but it’s also great for businesses looking to bring new customers to their store.

Benefits for customers

  • Long-term payment plans for customers
  • More potential customers for companies
  • Great way to build and restore credit history
  • Favorable conditions from several high-quality financing companies

Business Benefits

  • Increase in sales and business growth
  • Increase in regular customers
  • Customer base growth

Now that we’ve looked at some of the benefits of using consumer financing companies, it’s time to look at seven of the best companies that offer this type of financing. We’ll cover some key details, but we’ll summarize it all in the reviews below. We will also provide an extensive list of pros and cons for each of our choices.

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The 7 Best Consumer Finance Companies in 2022

PayPal balance

Website: PayPal Balance

PayPal Credit is one of the most popular consumer finance companies in 2022. They work with several well-known retailers. PayPal balance allows buyers to shop on sites like eBay, Best Buy, and Target. Qualified customers initially receive a credit line with special conditions. In most cases, customers have six months to pay off their large purchases interest-free. Purchases to qualify must be over $99.

One of the most popular PayPal credit merchants is eBay, especially given the longstanding partnership between the two well-known brands. Customers may qualify for additional credit line bonuses depending on the merchant. Still, the overall flexibility that PayPal Credit offers is one of the reasons it has such a reliable reputation with these online merchants.

Another unique factor to keep in mind is that PayPal Credit doesn’t actually provide you with a credit card. PayPal Credit is a credit line built into your PayPal account. You can use linked bank accounts and your PayPal balance to make monthly payments. There are also no prepayment penalties, so you can withdraw your entire PayPal balance at any time.


  • Available at multiple online retailers (eBay, Target, Best Buy)
  • No interest on purchases over $99 for 6 months
  • Customers are entitled to regular increases in the credit line
  • There are no prepayment fees


  • Not all customers qualify for a PayPal Credit line of credit.
  • Large interest rates after the end of the promotional period


Website: Via Bill

ViaBill is another popular consumer financing solution that shoppers on eligible websites can use. This platform is designed to split larger purchases into four equal monthly payments. If you pay each of your four monthly installments properly, you will not pay any additional interest on your purchase.

Customers can also rest assured that ViaBill uses secure servers to protect all personal information. ViaBill is already integrated with more than 5,000 retailers and is regularly expanded to new platforms.

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  • Pay for large purchases with four separate monthly payments
  • No additional interest if the purchase is paid on time
  • Extremely safe and secure for customers


  • Not all customers are eligible
  • Some popular retailers do not support ViaBill retail financing.

additional payment

Site: Postpay

Afterpay is an extremely popular customer financing option due to its incredible reputation with buyers and retailers. Customers can split their larger purchases into separate monthly payments with no additional interest. Late fees only apply to customers who fail to pay their monthly bill on time. Customers may also be eligible to reschedule their monthly payments a few times per year.

The customer financing platform Afterpay is very popular with online clothing retailers. Customers certainly have a great opportunity to use Afterpay when making significant purchases from eligible retailers. Simply select the “Afterpay” checkout option to receive an instant eligibility notification.


  • No interest if paid on time
  • No additional fees if paid on time
  • Instant eligibility notification at checkout


  • Not supported for several online retailers


Website: Confirm

Affirm’s funding process is extremely easy to use. They can conveniently select their platform at checkout at an eligible retailer to immediately decide on eligibility. If you qualify, you’ll receive your estimated monthly payment for your purchase.

This platform is specially designed for consumers who want to pay for their purchases at a later time. Customers can select their preferred payment date and there are never any late fees or additional penalties.


  • No late fees or penalties
  • Customers can choose their preferred payment plan.


  • Not widely used by retailers
  • Limited Customer Service


Website: FinanceIt

finance is certainly one of the best-known customer financing platforms. Instead of paying massive upfront costs, you can significantly reduce your acquisition costs and pay for larger purchases over a period of time. After completing your application, you will receive a quick notification of admission.

The interest rates on your purchase credit vary based on your credit history. Promotional offers pop up from time to time, but they don’t seem to be as generous as some of the other platforms we’ve looked at.


  • Immediate Approval Decision
  • Quick and easy loan application
  • Regular monthly payments with custom schedule offer
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  • No advertising rates
  • Some of their interest rates are very high

United Consumer Financial Services

Website: United Consumer Financial Services

UCFS is an exceptional customer finance company that has rapidly expanded into dozens of popular companies and industries. UCFS works directly with business owners to provide an ideal solution to help them grow their business by offering financing to customers.


  • Available at several popular retailers
  • Has an online application process
  • Has a simple bill pay system


  • Does not offer direct consumer financing options

Amazon credit Amazon credit

Amazon Credit has several interesting benefits, but this financing option is only available on Amazon’s website. There are three primary promotional periods including 6 month, 12 month and 24 month options with different purchase requirements. Special financing offers 0% APR if the purchase is completed within the financial promotion period.

Amazon Credit also offers no annual fees and offers customers no fraud liability. Customers are also eligible for cashback when making an eligible purchase using the Amazon credit line. In addition to all these awesome perks and benefits, customers may also be eligible to receive a $40 Amazon gift card if they are eligible for the Amazon Credit financing offer.


  • Eligible customers will receive a $40 Amazon gift card for their approval.
  • Three different Amazon credit promotional offers (6 months, 12 months and 24 months)
  • No annual fees and no fraud liability for consumers
  • Instant credit decisions are available


  • Only available on Amazon website for financing

frequently asked Questions

What is a Special Funding Promotion Period?

Promotional periods are generally made available to consumers with no interest for the remainder of the promotional offer. For example, if a consumer is eligible for a 6-month promotional offer at 0% APR, they will never have to pay interest as long as their purchase is fully paid off in 6 months.

Are there any additional charges if you don’t make a payment?

Most financing companies have some sort of late fee if you don’t pay. The good news is that many of these providers are willing to work with customers. Just contact customer service and let them know your situation and they will likely be willing to work with you. Some financing companies even offer a built-in option to reschedule upcoming payments on their website. Other penalties may apply if you fail to properly contact your finance provider before your payment is due.

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