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You can trade in almost any car for a new set of wheels, even a car on credit. A car on loan is a car that you pay off in installments.

Can I trade in a car that I’m still paying off?

You can certainly trade in a car that you are still paying off. This is common at most car dealerships.

Will my car loan disappear if I trade my car in?

Your car loan doesn’t disappear when you trade in your car. However, the trade-in value of your car will count towards your loan. This credit can cover the entire remaining amount. If it doesn’t, your dealer will extend your credit and combine the deficit with the amount owed for your new car. Consolidating your debt into a single new loan will help you better manage your payments.

Is there any risk involved in trading my car on a loan?

There are some risks involved in trading a car on credit. Considering the risks can help you decide if trading your car is the right decision now:

  • Taking out another car loan could strain your budget.
  • Higher debt could result in negative equity. The Federal Trade Commission explains negative equity in this article.

    How to trade in a car for a loan?

    The following steps take place when you trade in your car for a loan:

    1. You find a new car that fits your budget. Completing this step first will ensure you have a car when you trade in your existing one.
    2. You confirm the trade-in price of your car. The trade-in value of your car is your equity. It will be deducted from the new car price.
    3. They bring documents to the dealer. NerdWallet states that the dealer needs the following information to trade in your car:
      • your loan account number
      • The amount owed on your loan
      • your driver’s license
      • your vehicle registration
      • Your vehicle keys and remote controls
      • Proof of your insurance
      • A printout of your trade-in value
      1. The merchant contacts your lender. The trader contacts your bank or financial institution and repays your original loan in full, as AutoTrader explains.
      2. The dealer takes care of the paperwork. Your dealer transfers the title of your old car to his name and your new car to yours.
        1. What happens to my old car after the transfer of ownership?

          It is up to the dealer to decide what to do with your car after you have traded it in. He can sell it to another customer or auction it off to another dealer.

          What should I do after negotiations?

          Many people work to negotiate the fairest price for their new vehicle and trade-in. While these steps are important, your responsibilities don’t stop there. Follow each of these steps to achieve a successful trade-in:

          1. Check your contract. Make sure your contract includes all the terms you agreed to. Check all calculations for accuracy before signing.
          2. Confirm that the original loan has been repaid. After a few weeks, call your original lender and confirm that your dealer has paid off your first loan. For your own records, request documentation confirming this.
            1. Is it wise to trade in a car with a loan?

              Whether buying a car with credit is the right decision for you depends on your circumstances. Trading a car on a loan might be the smart thing to do if:

              • Your car has high cost of ownership. If your car uses a lot of gas, needs frequent repairs, or needs specialty parts, it may be financially smart to trade it in. Choose a smaller or more modern car to save money in the long run.
              • The dealer has great incentives. According to Birchwood Credit, dealers often have promotions that make trading your vehicle more attractive. For example, at the end of the fiscal year, many dealers have offers to clear out old stock and make room for new models.
              • You have done your research. Once you’ve researched your options and know what you want, it’s often wiser to trade in your car rather than wait. Visit your dealer to analyze the numbers and see if you can get a deal you’re happy with.

                Is it ever a bad idea to trade in a car on a loan?

                There are several circumstances where it makes more sense to pay for your car before the trade-in. You may wish to defer your trade-in if:

                • Your loan is fairly new. Cars lose their value as soon as they leave the dealership. Wait until you’ve had your car for a while to even out the value. If you wait a little, you will not suffer such a financial hit.
                • You will be punished. Some lenders charge prepayment penalties for paying off loans before the loan term expires. These additional fees, listed in the car loan terms, help offset the interest your lender doesn’t get when you pay up front. These penalties can be so severe that it is not worth trading your car in until the loan is repaid.

                  Is a trade-in my only option?

                  Selling your car privately instead of trading it in is another good option for many motorists. You can sell your car privately, whether you own it outright or are paying off a loan. There are many websites that make it easy to sell a car privately.

                  The price you get for your car in a private sale is usually more than the trade-in value, according to The Balance. This is because the dealer wants to make money from your vehicle. If you’re still paying off your car, you can use the money you make from your private sale to pay off your loan.

                  If the money you make from your private sale doesn’t cover your loan balance, talk to your lender. They can convert your car loan into a personal loan or suggest another good option to pay off your debt.

                  Since you don’t have a dealer working for you, you must transfer the title of your car to its new owner. The title transfer form is on the back of most car titles.

                  Selling your car that has an outstanding loan is a viable option for some people. Do your research and see if this option is right for you.









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