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Abiotic factors are non-living creatures, here are abiotic factors of the pacific ocean. Abiotic Factors: sand, underwater volcanoes, shells, rocks, coral, salt water, soil, pebbles, trash. Biotic factors are living creatures, here are biotic factors of the pacific ocean.

Which two abiotic factors are most influential in the tropical rainforest?

Abiotic factors in a tropical rain forest include water, a warm climate,sunlight, and soil nutrients. All organisms and populations in the tropical rain forest depend on water and warm temperatures. Plants depends directly on sunlight and soil nutrients.

What is the difference between biotic and abiotic factors?

Description. Biotic and abiotic factors are what make up ecosystems. Biotic factors are living things within an ecosystem; such as plants, animals, and bacteria, while abiotic are non-living components; such as water, soil and atmosphere.

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Is the sun an abiotic factor?

Abiotic factorsare the non-living parts of the environment that can often have a major influence on living organisms. Abiotic factors include water, sunlight, oxygen, soil and temperature.

What are the 3 types of biotic factors?

Biotic components are mainly of three groups. These are Autotrophs or Producers, Heterotrophs or Consumers, and Detritivores or Decomposers.

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Abiotic factors in the rainforest

How do abiotic and biotic factors work together in the coral reef?

Biotic factors include plants, animals, and microbes; important abiotic factors include the amount of sunlight in the ecosystem, the amount of oxygen and nutrients dissolved in the water, proximity to land, depth, and temperature. Sunlight is one the most important abiotic factors for marine ecosystems.

How does the climate factor into the energy available in the rainforest?


The hot and humid climate plays an important role in rainforest variety. … Sunlight is captured in the leaves of canopy plants via photosynthesis, converted into simple sugars, and transferred throughout the forest energy system as the leaves and fruit are eaten or decomposed by various organisms.

What is an abiotic characteristic that is similar in both the desert and the rainforest?

Abiotic factors Although rainforests and deserts are very different, they do have something in common. They both have mountains and steep canyons. Food webs usually have 5 levels of animals and plants. First, the producers are the bottom of the web, for example, the sun produces light for the grass.

What are 5 facts about the tropical rainforest?

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