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What Are the Benefits of Refinancing a Home?

The benefits of refinancing a home depend on the person’s goals, needs, and financial situation. In general, refinancing entails considerable time and cost advantages. Here are some of the benefits refinancing can offer:

A lower interest rate on your mortgage

When interest rates fall, refinancing increases. Depending on the length of your loan and how long you plan to stay in the home, refinancing your home at a lower interest rate can save you thousands over the term. But you don’t have to wait for interest rates to fall once you’ve improved your credit score. Sometimes credit can improve to the point where better credit allows you to refinance at a lower interest rate.

More manageable, lower monthly payments

Lower monthly payments can mean lower interest rates, but you can also lower your payments and have extra money for other expenses each month by extending the term of your loan when you refinance your home loan. In this scenario, you would also be paying less toward principle each month, meaning your expenses would be higher over the life of your loan. You’ll have to summarize the numbers based on your own situation to see what makes sense. A reputable lender will walk you through the scenarios so you understand all the options before making a decision.

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A shorter term

Switching from a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage can save you a lot of money. You pay off your loan faster and at a lower interest rate. You’ll usually have a higher monthly payment, but depending on the size of your loan and interest rate, the difference can be minimal.

Costs you can budget for

If you started out with an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), you might want to set a lower, fixed rate that you can count on. This type of payment eliminates the impact of rising interest rates on your budget.

lend money

Use the equity you have in your home to borrow money that you can use for renovations and other larger expenses like college education. You can use the money for anything, and the money you withdraw is added to the refinance amount principle. Depending on your home equity and interest rates, this type of borrowing is usually less expensive than personal loans and lines of credit.

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